Water Removal in Charlotte

If you have a flooded basement, it can feel overwhelming. Water damage, whether it’s minor or major flooding, can have lasting impacts and feel impossible to fix. If your basement has water damage or standing water, take the first step to reclaim your home by calling a professional.

Don’t let damaging water issues cause you stress. If you experience any issues with water in your basement or home, a water removal expert will follow these simple steps:

  1. Schedule an assessment by phone
  2. Assess the damage in-person
  3. Present a quote
  4. Remove/extract water promptly and professionally
  5. Dry/dehumidify, as necessary
  6. Sanitize and sterilize
  7. Restore your property according to IICRC standards

Assessing Water Damage

While there are dozens of reasons you may be experiencing water damage or standing water in your basement, most incidents fall into three general categories:

  • Flood or other environmental incidents: This type of water damage can be the most traumatic. A natural disaster can cause damage to your entire home and leave your basement partially or fully submerged. Even a heavy rainstorm can cause water damage in basements.
  • Discharge and overflow water damage: Whether your dishwasher malfunctions or a bathtub overflows, this type of flooding can not only damage your basement, but also other rooms where the overflow occurs. Once the overflow spot has been identified, you may need to replace an appliance.
  • Sewer backup: The most unpleasant and potentially dangerous flooding, sewer backup is typically dirty and unhealthy grey water from your sewer line. Whether you have a septic system or you’re connected to a city sewer system, this unsanitary issue needs to be cleaned up immediately before it causes any health issues.

Highly-trained water removal experts can quickly identify the cause and extent of the damage. After assessing the damage, you’ll receive a quick and convenient quote before any work is done. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the cause, removal strategy, and your options if any.

Removing and Extracting Water

Basement water removal and extraction can be difficult and time-consuming jobs. Not only does it often require specialized equipment, it can also lead to mold damage. For a professional and prompt solution, contact United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte, NC.

Call us today to find out how our trained group of professional water extraction experts can help you immediately. We are available any time of day, 7 days a week. From natural disasters to sewer mishaps, we can take care of your water removal needs.

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